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26 May 2009 @ 10:59 am
What a shitty day to have off work..  
I like rain when im in my bed, or if its thunderstorming. But thats about it.
These past couple of weeks have been such a blast.

Well really just this past week.

Hung out in detroit last monday night.
-Saw some old friends.
-Got embarassingly drunk off of beer and whiskey, maybe a little vodka.
-Met some really cool people.
-Saw some new places.
-Woke up and my ass hurt. (this happens often, I fell, dur.)

Lots more drinking happened through the week days.. nothing significant.

Sunday night was CRAZY.
-Chugged beer for happy hour prices. I had 6 minutes, I got 3 pints down, I couldve done better. (Saved $1.50)
-Called Marjorie..aka Brenda, Derek's mom. Im too gullible.
-Shot of Absynthe, and 2 Rogue dead guys.
*Thats all I remember* but I heard some great stories of how much fun I had.
OH! But the bartender was SO HOT! And my friends told my manager I want to fuck him, great.
We went to three different bars, I remember being at one. Yikes.

Memorial Day
-Bob Evans (great hangover food!)
-Putt Putt and Ice Cream on the boardwalk <3

Im really happy with everything right now. :)